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Weekly Brief: We’ve got a Sixth Sensor

This week on the weekly brief we are discussing sweaty sensors, mind control and smart gloves. We’re exploring the interesting developments in the tech behind sensors. Plus: giving you a shortlist of our favourite startup jobs from the site this week!

How to write a good email

Whether you want to hit the ground running when you start that fantastic new startup job (sourced through Work in Startups of course). Or just want to recap the basics, this one if for you! In our fantastic startup learning and development programme, we have been discussing how to nail the basics. This week: email! We thought it would be a great thing to share with our lovely blog-readers, as email communication is still at the heart of the way we communicate. 

The *Perfect* Work in Startups Ad

We want our startup community to get the best out of our site. We also want candidates to be able to easily see what they’re applying to. So killing two birds with one stone we have produced this helpful guide (You’re welcome!) Good startup ad copy is a must for everyone! Read on about how to perfect your ads to maximise response-rate!

Weekly Brief: Banana Fungus Slip Slidin’ AwayAI

Here is a write up of this weeks newsletter. Today we were looking at potential banana extinction and how BioTech, AI and CRISPR can be used to help! As always you can get this content straight to your inbox on our weekly newsletter – we always try to include some fun and interesting tech news! Go bananas!

Remote Working Jobs: How Work in Startups works remotely

We have a truth bomb for you: the 9-5 office job is dead (sorry, Dolly Parton)! Remote work is the way of the future. Good news though for all our baby digital nomads, we work remotely at Work in Startups (in a variety of different ways) so we’re here to share our wisdom.

Jargon Buster: The Work In Startups “A-Z” of Startup Terminology

Sometimes landing a new startup job in London (or anywhere in the UK) can feel a bit like making some new friends who already have a lottttttt of obnoxious in-jokes and references. Luckily, Work In Startups is here to help bust that jargon today. Have a flick through our quick A-Z so you don’t feel like an outsider at your local Shoreditch flat-white dispensary!

Getting an entry-level startup job with little experience

This blog was originally posted in September 2017 but its advice still stands today! So we thought we’d share one from the vault! A startup job-seeker’s life is never easy, and navigating dozens of ads that require a certain degree of experience in a field does not help. However, the fact that you have little […]

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